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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Philip W. Gaines, Chair
209 Park Hall

Professors: Kolan Bisbee, Linda Rae Markert

Associate Professors: John Belt, Philip Gaines

Assistant Professors: Richard Bush, Mark Hardy, Thomas Kubicki, Donna Matteson, Daniel Tryon, Mark Springston

The Department of Technology offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in two fields: Technology Education and Technology Management. A major strength of these programs is a broad array of basic and advanced technical courses which are general in nature and taught with much hands-on experience in well-equipped facilities. Both programs may be pursued by either full-or part-time students. Travel to field locations is a requirement for some courses. Graduates of the Department of Technology are employed as Technology Education teachers throughout most of the United States and in some foreign countries. Others have taken positions as manual arts therapists and in business fields such as management, personnel, supervision, and training. Some graduates are self-employed. Career information is available at the department office, room 209 Park Hall.

Technology Teacher Education

The exclusive purpose of the program is to prepare technology education teachers. Technology Education, involves study and experience with many of the tools, materials, and processes associated with modern technology and studies its social and cultural impacts. The Technology Education program at Oswego is a four-year program which fulfills the degree requirement for the New York State initial Technology Education certificate for teaching in grades kindergarten through twelve. Certification candidates must pass NYS approved certification examinations. The program requires 128 credit hours of study, including 60 hours of liberal arts, 26 hours of education courses, and 42 hours of technical courses, all of which are distributed over the four years. Candidates must maintain a 2.50 GPA to remain enrolled in TED 206, 306, 410, 411 or 414. Candidates who have registered for these courses, but who fall below a GPA of 2.50 will be deregistered by the department from these courses. A candidate’s GPA will be monitored at the beginning and end of each semester after the first year or second semester.

Technology Management

The Technology Management degree program is designed to prepare individuals for technical careers in manufacturing management, facility planning, or document design and management. Technology management majors will be required to combine their applied laboratory and classroom experiences with a full semester or summer internship supervised in a Central New York industrial center. Students will also have opportunities to participate in a variety of professional development activities external to the classroom. Technology management is a dynamic and ever-changing field of employment. Persons who have both a technology background and the confidence and competency to manage high-tech enterprises are in demand. As the numerous technologies associated with production operations and manufacturing systems become more complex, the nontechnical manager or the traditional marketing specialist is far less competitive. Today’s business leaders must understand the integrated and interdisciplinary nature of managing technology. Technology Management candidates must have a 2.50 GPA before enrolling in TED 498 Professional Internship and  declaration of a Business Administration minor.