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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Correspondence Directory

Title Name Room No. & Bldg. Name Phone (Area Code-315)
President Deborah F. Stanley 706 Culkin Hall 312-2211
Academic Vice President/Provost Susan Coultrap-McQuin 702 Culkin Hall 312-2290
Vice President for Administration & Finance Nicholas A. Lyons 705 Culkin Hall 312-2222
Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Joseph F. Grant, Jr. 229 Sheldon Hall 312-2250
Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations Kerry Dorsey 217 Sheldon Hall 312-5558
Executive Assistant to the President Howard Gordon 708 Culkin Hall 312-2212
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students James F. Scharfenberger 711 Culkin Hall 312-3214
Associate Vice President for Facilities Services Jerry DeSantis 509 Culkin Hall 312-5646
InterimDean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Rhonda Mandel 601 Culkin Hall 312-2285
Dean of School of Business Richard Skolnik 333 Rich Hall 312-3168
Interim Dean of School of Communications, Media and the Arts Fritz Messere 602 Culkin Hall 312-2285
Dean of School of Education Linda Rae Markert 356DWilber Hall 312-2102
Dean of Graduate Studies David King 606 Culkin Hall 312-3152
Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences David A. Bozak 601 Culkin Hall 312-2285
Associate Dean of School of Education Suzanne Weber 356BWilber Hall 312-3858
Assistant Dean of School of Education Michael Le Blanc 356CWilber Hall 312-2103
Chief Technology Officer Joseph Moreau 509 Culkin Hall 312-5500
Assistant Provost for Budget and Operations Michael Ameigh 702 Culkin Hall 312-3533
Acting Director of Research & Sponsored Programs Thomas Darvill 602 Culkin Hall 312-3152
Director of Libraries Mary Bell Penfield Library 312-4232
Director of International Education Joshua McKeown 100 Sheldon Hall 312-2118
Dean of Extended Learning Yvonne Petrella 166 Campus Center 312-2270
Director of Financial Aid & Coordinator of Veteran’s Services Mark Humbert 206 Culkin Hall 312-2248
Registrar Andrew Westfall 307 Culkin Hall 312-2136
Athletic Director Timothy Hale 202 Laker Hall 312-4145
Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life & Housing Charles W. Weeks, Jr. 303 Culkin Hall 312-2246
Director of Career Services Robert Casper 606 Culkin Hall 312-2255
Director of Experience-Based Education Programs Paul Roodin 142 Campus Center 312-2151
Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs Kathleen Evans 142 Campus Center 312-2240
Associate Provost of Multicultural Opportunities and Programs Catherine Santos 602 Culkin Hall 312-3021
Director of Judicial Affairs Lisa Evaneski 501 Culkin Hall 312-3378
Coordinator of Disablity Services Starr Knapp 186 Campus Center 312-3358
Coordinator of First Year Programs Michelle Bandla 142 Campus Center 312-3068
Transfer Coordinator Christopher Hockey 157 Campus Center 312-3638
Director of Campus Life Richard Hughes Campus Center 312-2301
Director of Health Services Jean Grant Walker Health Center 312-4100
Director of Student Accounts Margaret Lloyd 408 Culkin Hall 312-2225
Director of Counseling Services Center Bruce Meyer Walker Health Center 312-4416
Coordinator of Non-Traditional Student Services Alison Lovallo 166 Campus Center 312-2270
Director of Business & Community Relations Nancy Bellow 108 Rich Hall 312-3492
Director of Retired Senior Volunteer Program Ellen Wahl 62C Mackin Hall 312-2317
Director of Publications Rose Throop 202 Building Twenty 312-3130
Director of Public Affairs Julie Blissert 210A Culkin Hall 312-2265
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Betsy Oberst King Alumni Hall 312-2258
Director of Honors Program Norman Weiner 224 Campus Center 312-2190
Human Resource Manager, Affirmative Action Officer Marta Santiago 410 Culkin Hall 312-2215
Director of Small Business Development Center Larry Perras 107 Rich Hall 343-3492
Director of Institutional Research Mehran Nojan 603 Culkin Hall 312-2345
Chief of University Police Cindy Adam Pathfinder Hall 312-5555