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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Women’s Studies

Lisa Langlois, Director
226 Campus Center

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to identify and synthesize scholarship in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities   which focuses on women’s experiences, perspectives, and significant contributions—past, present, and cross-culturally and explores the relationship between cultural definitions of feminine behavior and the realities of women’s lives. Goals of the program include encouraging critical analysis of women and gender in society, culture, and history and the   connections between Women’s Studies scholarship, activism, and social change, and recognizing the connection betweenWomen’s Studies scholarship and the scholarship of other disciplines.

In core courses, students are introduced to women’s issues and concerns in the contemporary United States; feminist theory; and women’s history and issues in international  perspectives. All students will complete a capstone experience, choosing a seminar, an individual research project, or a supervised internship. As is consistent with an interdisciplinary area of study, core courses in the areas of feminist theory, international perspectives, and the capstone experience will be offered in a number of disciplines. This is also consistent with the objectives of Women’s Studies which is to shift to a frame of reference in which women’s differing ideas and experiences are valid in their own
right and become the basis of inquiry. Each student will select, under advisement, a concentration in one of two fields—Women and Society or Women in Literary, Historical, and  Theoretical Perspective—and complete four courses in this area. In elective courses, students have the flexibility of choosing from core or concentration courses to design programs  to fit their specific interests and career orientation. Students in this program are encouraged to consider a second major.