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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Global and International Studies

Stephen Rosow, Director
435B Mahar Hall

The BA degree in Global and International Studies challenges students with an interdisciplinary and multicultural program of study that recognizes the importance of the global order. Its aim is to develop the knowledge and skills appropriate to a world of deepening interconnections and interdependence across political, social, religious, and ethnic borders.

All majors take a general course in global and international issues (GLS 200) as well as more focused introductory courses in the global economy (GLS 300) and global culture and communication (GLS 301). Students then choose, based on their interests, a concentration in global politics and governance, global political economy, global culture, or a geographical area focus on Asia, Latin America, or contemporary Europe.

The program hopes to enroll students with diverse backgrounds, commitment to academic study, and a willingness to accept personal challenges. Therefore, the program encourages a strong practical dimension among majors. Study abroad, while not required, is strongly recommended. No amount of study from the outside can substitute for immersion in a culture and society different from one’s own. Also, students can choose an internship, either in the United States or abroad, instead of a senior seminar.

The program draws faculty with international expertise from departments across the campus.Many are internationally well known scholars in their areas, and include several Fulbright scholars who have lived and studied outside the United States. The faculty in the Global and International Studies major are committed to provide experiences which accommodate the diversity and range of student backgrounds and interests.

A major in Global and International Studies can stand alone as a student’s major or complement dual majors in any of the social sciences, business, natural sciences, or humanities. It can help prepare students for challenging careers in such areas as government, international organizations, international business, education, international law, and non-profit international organizations working with such issues as human rights, health, women’s rights, poverty and economic development, and the environment.