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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


David Andrews, Chair
431B Mahar Hall

Directory of Professors  

A background in economics is essential to understanding how the world works.  As the social science that deals with markets, money, and the creation of income and wealth, economics has much insight to lend regarding business, the economy, household behavior, investment, and current and historical events.  Ecomonics is a rewarding major on many levels: it is interesting and challenging, highly demanded by employers, and highly respected by graduate schools, law schools, and business schools.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Economics combines training in technical economics with opportunities for a broad and balanced undergraduate education. Students may select courses that emphasize the relation of business to economics, courses that focus on the U.S. and international economy, courses in mathematical economics, and courses that relate economics to history and philosophy.  The successful completion of the degree prepares students for careers in business, government, consulting, teaching, and research, as well as further study in economics, industrial relations, business administration, law, and related fields.

The aims of the degree program are threefold: to give students a firm grounding in modern economic theory, to provide a basic descriptive knowledge of the U.S. and world economy, and to develop in students the capability for quantitative research and independent thought.  The requirements allow substantial freedom for students both in designing individual programs within economics and in balancing the programs with subjects in other disciplines.

An advisement brochure is available from the Economics Department upon request.

The Economics Department cosponsors the following interdisciplinary program:


International Trade Concentration

The international trade concentration is an interdisciplinary program designed for students contemplating a career in international trade. The objectives of the program are (1) to give students a thorough knowledge of the language and people of another country; and (2) to equip them with skills to find employment in the international sector. Two departments participate in this program, Modern Languages and Literatures, and Economics. The International Trade Concentration is available to students majoring in either of these areas. In addition to meeting the major requirements, economics majors must take twenty-four hours in one foreign language, or twelve hours each in two different foreign languages. Language majors must take twenty-four hours in economics, including ECO 101  and ECO 200 . The remaining courses in economics must be selected under advisement by the Economics Department.





Honor Requirements for Major