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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Emeritus Faculty

  Cynthia Adam Director of Campus Public Safety
  Gail Akin Associate Director, Admissions
  Inez Alfors Associate Professor, English
  Bruce Altschuler Professor, Political Science
  Vivian Anderson Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  Anthony Annunziata Professor, English
  Robert B. Armeson Professor, History
  Mary Avrakotos  Coordinator, ARTSwego
  Dale Baer Associate Professor, Music
  Warren Baldwin Counselor, Counseling Services
  Robert Ballentine Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  Fred Barber Associate Professor, Mathematics
  Stephen Baron Associate Professor, Political Science
  Betty Bartkowiak Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Harrison Fred Bartle Associate Professor, Political Science
  Alexander F. Beattie Librarian
  Mary Beth Bell Director of Libraries
  Nancy Bellow Director, Office of Business and Community Relations
  James Bennett Associate Professor, Educational Administration
  Mary Bennett Senior Assistant Librarian
  Brian Betz Professor, Communication Studies
  Frank Bickel Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
  Nirmala Bidani Professor, Business Administration
  Kolan Bisbee Professor, Technology
  Charles A. Bishop Professor, Anthropology
  Rand Bishop Professor, English
  Albert Blissert Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Paula Bobrowski Professor, Marketing and Management
  Alice Boljonis Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
  Bernard Boozer Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Wellness
  Suzanne Borden Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  John R. Boronkay Associate Professor, Vocational-Technical
  William Bosch Associate Professor, Computer Science
  Wesley E. Boydston Associate Professor, Technology
  Ivan Brady Distinguished Teaching Professor, Anthropology
  Robert Braun Vocational Technology
  Allen Bremmer Professor, Art
  Thomas Brennan Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Ronald A. Brown Professor, Physics
  John Brunson Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  Hugh Burritt Professor, Music
  Jay Button Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
  Rodney P. Byrne Associate Professor, Philosophy
  Robert Canfield Professor, Reading Education
  Leon Carapetyan Professor, Music
  Robert D. Carnes Professor, Philosophy
  Jean Casey Associate Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services
  Robert Casper Director, Career Services
  Ron Chaldu Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  Sherret Chase Professor, Biological Sciences
  Justice M. Cheney Associate Professor, Vocational-Technical
  Mark Cole Professor, Theatre
  B. Anne Commerton Director of Libraries
  Jerry Condra Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  David Conrad Professor, History
  Susan Coultrap-McQuin Professor, English
  Donald Cox Professor, Biological Sciences
  Anthony Crain Professor, Music
  George Cuppernull Professor, Music
  Deborah Curry Library
  Thomas Cushman Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services
  John T. Daly Professor, Mathematics
  Vincent D’Ambrosio Professor, Technology
  Thomas Darvill Professor, Psychology
  Charles C. Davis Professor, Health & Physical Education
  J. Douglas Deal Professor, History
  Nicholas DellaPenna Staff Associate, Office of Business and Community Relations
  John Demidowicz Professor, Spanish
  Nicholas D’Innocenzo Professor, Art
  Peter Diez del Rio Associate Professor, Spanish
  Philip Downum Professor, Mathematics
  Forrest Dristy Professor, Mathematics
  Paul Dussere Professor, Mathematics & Coordinator, Management Services
  Charles Echelbarger Professor, Philosophy
  Thomas Eckersley Professor, Art
  Rochelle Ekhtiar Associate Professor, English
  Jerry Exline Professor, Music
  Josephine Farrell Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  David Faux Professor, Art
  Donald Feck Associate Professor, Technology
  Virginia Fichera Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures
  Eleanor Filburn Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
  John Fisher Professor, English
  Irwin Flack Associate Professor, History
  Harold Folls Assistant Professor, Technology
  Geraldine Forbes Distinguised Teaching Professor, History
  William Forrester Professor, Psychology
  Walter Freimanis Professor, Music
  Cynthia Fuller Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  John Fuller Professor, Art
  Lawrence Fuller Assistant Professor and Chair, Chemistry
  Richard Funk Associate Professor, Political Science
  Philip W. Gaines Associate Professor, Technology Department
  Paul Garland Professor, Art
  Jack Gelfand Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
  Geno Germano Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  Suzanne Gilmour Professor and Chair, Educational Administration
  John Glenn Associate Professor, Vocational Technology
  C. Thomas Gooding Dean, Graduate Studies & Professor, Psychology
  Stanley Gosek Professor, Music
  Ronald Graeff Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
  Joseph Grant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  Margaret Groman Associate Professor, Mathematics
  Timothy Hale Director, Athletics
  Terrence Hammill Distinguished Teaching Professor, Biological Sciences
  Kathleen Hangac Office of Learning Services
  Mary H. Harrell Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Linda Hefti Field Placement Coordinator
  Nola Heidlebaugh Professor, Communication Studies
  David Hertzler Professor, Psychology
  Peter D. Hertz-Ohmes Professor, German
  Thomas Hickey Associate Professor, Business Administration
  David Hill Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Roger A. Hinrichs Professor, Physics
  Mary Hoben Senior Personnel Associate, Human Resources
  Shirley Hodge Assistant Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Ellen Hornig Associate Professor, Economics
  James Howard Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Mab Huang Professional, Political Science
  Claire B. Humphreys Professor, Sociology
  John Hurlbutt Associate, Instructional Resources
  Audrey Hurley Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Paul Hutko Associate Professor, Psychology
  Deale Hutton Art Librarian
  Kenneth Hyde Distinguished Teaching Professor, Chemistry
  Saisuke Ieno Associate Professor, Education
  Rosemarie M. Imhoff Professor, Art
  Luciano J. Iorizzo Professor, History
  Richard Izzett Professor, Psychology
  Shirley Jackson Associate Professor, History
  Palmo Jalife Assistant Dean, School of Business
  U Jin Jhun Professor, Economics
  Linda Johnson Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  Blanche Judd Librarian
  Thomas Judd Professor, History
  Lanny A. Karns Professor, Marketing and Management
  Edward G. Keen Associate Professor, English
  David Kelsey Associate Professor, Technology
  Anthony Kettle Research Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  Rosalind Kimmich Associate Librarian
  David King Professor, History and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
  Leslie King Office of Learning Services
  Florence Kirk Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law
  Merlin Kleinbach Professor, Technology
  John Knapp Professor, English
  George Koenig Professor, German
  William Kopp Professor, Vocational Education
  Joanne Kossegi Lecturer, Mathematics
  J. Alden Lackey Professor, Biological Sciences
  Thomas Larson Associate Librarian
  John Laundre Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
  Joseph LeFevre Professor, Chemistry
  Bruce Lester Professor, Counseling & Psychological Services
  Kathleen Lewis Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  Terrance W. Lindenberg Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
  Roberta Lipsig Associate Professor, Accounting, Finance, & Law
  Kuang-Chi Liu Associate Professor, Mathematics
  Richard Loder Professor, Sociology
  Mary Loe Librarian
  Thomas Loe Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Jody Longeill Community Relations Associate
  Linda Loomis Assistant Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Linda Lord Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum Instruction
  Alison Lovallo Associate Director, Extended Learning
  Joan Loveridge-Sanbonmatsu Professor, Communication Studies
  Coy L. Ludwig Professor, Art
  William Lundy Associate Professor, Accounting Finance and Law
  Virginia MacEntee Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Patricia MacNeill Senior Staff Assistant, Public Relations
  Kishan P. Mahajan Associate Professor, Chemistry
  Georges Markow-Totevy Professor, French
  Thomas E. Marshall Professor, French
  Kathryn Martin Professor, Biological Sciences
  Donald Masterson Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Donald R. Mathieu Professor, History
  Robert E. Maurer Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
  George Maxwell Professor, Biological Sciences
  Richard D. Mayer Professor, Mathematics
  Michael McLane Librarian
  John McNeill Adjunct Instructor, Music
  David McQuin Network Services
  Elizabeth McTiernan Office of Special Programs
  JoAnn Meadows Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Ceslovas Melsbakas Assistant Professor, English
  Manuel Mena Professor, Marketing & Management
  Frank (Fritz) Messere Professor, Communication Studies
  Bruce Meyer Director, Counseling Services Center
  Daniel Michalak Associate Professor, Education
  DeWight Middleton Professor, Anthropology
  Jack Miller Associate Professor, Economics
  John W. Mincher, Jr Professor, Theatre
  F. Elizabeth Moody Dean, Professional Studies & Professor, Education
  Marcia C. Moore Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  Robert Moore Professor, English
  Sandra Moore Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Wellness
  Theodore M. Morey Professor, Psychology
  Grace Mowatt Burritt Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Jack Narayan Distinguished Teaching Professor, Mathematics
  Harold W. Nash Professor, Education
  Andrew Nelson Director, Rice Creek Field Station, Biological Sciences
  Sigurd O. Nelson, Jr Professor, Biological Sciences
  Melsome Nelson-Richards Associate Professor, Sociology
  Karen Nicholas Associate Professor, History
  Walter J. Nitardy Professor, Men’s Health & Physical Education
  Raymond O’Donnell Associate Professor, Chemistry
  John J. O’Dwyer Professor, Physics
  Edward O’Shea Professor, English
  Emily Oaks Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  Sewall Oertling Professor & Chair, Art
  Walter Opello Professor, Political Science
  Michelle Parry Penfield Library
  Eugene Perticone Professor, Counseling & Psychological Services
  John Peterson Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  Kenneth Peterson Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Wellness
  Patricia Peterson Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Yvonne Petrella Dean, Extended Learning
  Christina Pieraccini Professor, Communication Studies
  Peter P. Pratt Professor, Anthropology
  Virginia Pratt Associate Professor, History
  Claire Putala Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Thomas E. Putnam Professor, Technology
  Mario Rabozzi Professor, Education
  Evalyn B. Rapparlie Professor, Education
  Fred Rateburg Professor, Psychology
  Michele Reed Director of Alumni and Development Communications
  Steven Reyner Professor, Mathematics
  Kenvyn B. Richards Professor, Industrial Arts
  Olla G. Rickett Professor, Theatre
  Jacquieline Reihman Distinguished Teaching Professor, Psychology
  John Ritson Associate Professor, Education
  Paul Roodin Professor, Psychology
  Kenneth Rosenberg Professor, Psychology
  Olive Rudd Assistant Professor, Education
  Constance Ryan Librarian
  Margaret Ryniker Associate Professor, Public Justice
  Arthur Sabitini Associate Professor, French
  Carlton E. Salvagin Professor, Technology
  Leroy Sanders Associate Professor, Technology
  Marta Santiago Human Resource Manager
  Catherine Santos Associate Provost of Multicultural Opportunities and Programs
  James F. Scharfenberger Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  William Scheuerman Professor, Political Science
  James Seago Professor, Biological Sciences
  Celia Sgroi Associate Professor and Chair, Public Justice
  Linda Sheive Professor, Educational Administration
  Barbara Shineman Professor, Education
  Harry Shock Assistant Dean of Students
  Robert T. Sidwell Associate Professor, Education
  Augustine Silveira, Jr Distinguished Teaching Professor, Chemistry
  Kenneth Sipser Professor, Education
  Susan Beth Skripac Associate Professor, Vocation Treacher Preparation
  Richard A. Smernoff Professor, French
  Marilynn Smiley Distinguished Teaching Professor, Music
  Joyce Smith Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Mary M. Smith Associate Professor, Education
  Warren Solomon Associate Professor, Sociology
  Hilda Sorensen Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  Ronald Sorensen Professor, Technology
  Monico Soto-Granado Diversity Administration and Retention Counselor
  Charles Spector Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law
  Lawrence Spizman Professor, Economics
  John Spring Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education
  William Stark Professor and Chair, Theatre
  Andrew Steinbrecher Associate Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services
  Sanford Sternlicht Professor, Theatre
  Mary Ann Stirling Associate Professor, Campus School
  Alice M. Struzinsky Associate Professor, Health & Physical Education, Athletics
  Mary Frances Stuck Professor, Sociology and Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  Linda A. Syrell Dean of Continuing Education, Public Service, & Summer Sessions
  Edward Thibault Professor and Chair, Sociology
  David Thomas Professor, Earth Sciences
  Margaret Tiballi Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  Clarence Trexler Professor, Education
  Vernon Tryon Professor, Technology
  Juanita Tschudy Associate Registrar
  Lewis Turco Professor, English
  Herbert Van Schaack Distinguished Service Professor, Psychology
  Donald Vanouse Professor, English and Creative Writing
  Sara Varhus Dean, Arts and Sciences and Professor, English
  Glen Vaught Professor, Psychology
  Paul Voninski Distinguished Service Professor, Anthropology
  Glenn Wachter Associate Professor, Educational Administration
  Mahlon W. Wagner Professor, Psychology
  William Waite Professor, Technology
  James R. Wassenaar Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students
  Betsy Waterman Professor, Counseling and Psychological Services
  Peter Weber Professor, Biological Sciences
  Suzanne Weber Associate Dean of School of Education and Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  Norman Weiner Distinguished Service Professor, Sociology
  Judith Wellman Professor, History
  Joseph A. Wiecha Distinguished Teaching Professor
  Elaine Wenderholm Associate Professor, Computer Science
  Paul J. Will Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  Gay Williams Assistant Professor, Accounting, Finance and Law
  Frederick Winn Professor, History
  Jane Wright Librarian
  Rosalie Young Associate Professor, Public Justice
  Helen Zakin Professor, Art