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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mathematics / Applied Statistics Cooperative

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Mathematics/ Applied Statistics Cooperative

The program integrates a six-month work experience into the college program of students in mathematics and statistics. Students will complete the major in Mathematics and the minor in Applied Statistics, with most coursework in those fields finished before the co-op. The six month co-op will be planned with an employer to provide full-time, paid work, in which students apply their skills in statistics. No tuition is paid during the co-op semester. Students should apply after at least one semester at SUNY Oswego and at least a year before the co-op.

Admission Requirements

1. The completion of the following courses with a grade of B- or higher :
MAT 158  • Introduction to Statistics A, or
MAT 258  • Introduction to Statistics B, or
MAT 318  • Statistical Math for Scientists,
and in one course in the Core Requirements for the Mathematics Major BA, taken at Oswego.

2. At least 15 credits completed at Oswego, with an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

3. A plan, worked out with an advisor, under which these courses will be completed before the co-op:
MAT 210  • Calculus l
MAT 220  • Calculus 2
MAT 215  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT 230  • Matrix Algebra
MAT 240  • Multivariable Calculus
MAT 354  • Mathematical Statistics A
CSC 212  • Principles of Programming

One of the following two courses:
MAT 258  • Introduction to Statistics B
MAT 318  • Statistics in the Sciences

Three courses selected from the following:
MAT 351  • Introduction to Forecasting
MAT 352  • Statistical Quality and Process Control
MAT 353  • Mathematical Modeling
MAT 357  • Applied Regression Analysis
MAT 358  • Design of Experiments
MAT 379  • Environmental Statistics
MAT 454  • Mathematical Statistics B

4. Admission is to be at least 12 months before the co-op, and no more than three of the above courses can be left for the semester before the co-op. At least one semester is to be at Oswego after the co-op.

5. All mathematics courses listed above, and CSC 212, must be finished before the co-op with a minimum grade point average of 2.8. The student must maintain an overall Oswego GPA consistent with expectations of prospective employers.

Co-op Requirements:

The course requirements are those of the Mathematics Major BA Degree or the Applied Mathematics Major BS Degree, and the Applied Statistics Minor. Additional course requirements include an approved half-year co-op, and one credit each for the following two courses; MGT 494, Seminar in Career Planning or an approved equivalent course, to be completed before the co-op and MAT 499, Independent Study, completed after the co-op, to include a presentation and a written report based on the co-op.

1. To be able to complete the statistics and mathematics requirements in a timely fashion, a student should have completed either MAT 158 and MAT 258 or MAT 318 during freshman year, together with at least MAT 210.
2. Although employers are generally eager to have good students placed with them in a co-op, a student needs to be accepted by an employer. Placement cannot be guaranteed by SUNY Oswego.
3. Financial aid and scholarships during a co-op semester should be addressed with a college financial aid advisor.
4. A student does not earn credit for the co-op. To finish the Mathematics / Applied Statistics Co-op in four years, the student will need to earn the credits normally earned during that semester in other ways, for example in AP courses or summer courses.
5. The student’s transcript will record the co-op.

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