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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Technology Education Grades K-12 (Professional Certification), M.S.Ed.

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Program Contact

Karin Dykeman, Program Coordinator
103 Park Hall


Program Description

The MSED program in Technology Education leads to professional certification in New York State and is for teaching professionals who want to tailor their graduate experience toward the pedagogies and teaching environments specific to Technology Education.  Students in the program will develop skills with curriculum development, advanced instructional methodologies, student assessment, and developing and managing laboratory instructional facilities.  Students have the flexibility to pursue their professional interests through technical coursework in our or other disciplines, independent applied projects, or a thesis.  Initial certification in Technology Education is an admissions requirement.  Applicants who are currently working on initial certification may be considered for admission to the program.  Please contact the program coordinator for more information.

A full-time or part-time on-campus program of graduate study in Technology Education is possible during the fall and spring semesters and the summer session. Degree requirements may be completed by a full-time student in two semesters plus one or two summer sessions or by part-time students in three summer sessions, provided that two are nine-week sessions in consecutive years. Information about graduate assistantships may be obtained from the department office.


Technology Education Major, Professional Certification (30 cr)

B. Options (must complete one option under advisement) (12 cr)

Option A – Research Project Option

  • Directed Coursework (under advisement and contract*)

Option B – Thesis Option

  • Directed Coursework (under advisement and contract*)

Option C – Directed Coursework Option

  • Courses may be selected from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Communications, Media and the Arts, or departmental electives (graduate level, under advisement and contract)


The student is responsible to file for degree candidacy between 12 and 18 credit hours or during the term in which 18 credit hours will be completed. Hours over 18 are subject to forfeiture. A cumulative average of 3.0 or better and successful completion of the written Candidacy Assessment is required to qualify. Candidacy assessments are offered periodically, information is available from the department office.

Students must submit a formal plan for completing their elective credit entitled Directed Coursework Proposal, and have it approved by their advisor. This plan should be developed and returned on or before the Candidacy Assessment date, and before any directed coursework electives are selected. A registration block will be set at 21 credit hours until degree candidacy requirements are met. Please contact the department office for information on degree candidacy.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Training  
  • ​School of Education Professional Dispositions
  • Final Portfolio (Comprehensive Assessment):Students must prepare, compile, and submit a final, comprehensive portfolio of their graduate work for review by graduate faculty prior to being approved for graduation. The portfolio must contain examples of significant work from each core course, at least one significant work from Option A, B. or C, and a final program reflection. Students should submit their work from each course into the portfolio available in TK20 as they progress through the program. The final reflection and submission of the portfolio should be completed two weeks prior to the end of the student’s last semester or term for review by graduate faculty.

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