Oct 04, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Health Services Administration, M.B.A.

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Irene Scruton, Program Coordinator

140 Rich Hall



Admission Information

Program Information

School of Business


Degree Candidacy

It is the responsibility of the student to file for degree candidacy once they have completed 12 to 18 credit hours of graduate study. A cumulative average of 3.0 or better is required to qualify for the awarding of degree candidacy status. The graduate director will conduct a review of the candidate’s academic performance to ensure these standards are upheld. Any credit hours over 18 are subject to forfeiture.

Transfer Credit for the MBA Health Services Administration

Up to six credit hours of accredited and approved graduate work may be transferred from other accredited graduate programs of study.

Foundation Requirements

The foundation requirements must be completed in order to continue in the program beyond the first year. Credit may be given for these requirements based on prior academic credit, completion of programs with similar content, or experience. It is anticipated that most foundation requirements would have been previously satisfied by undergraduate course work for the typical business undergraduate student or a student in a business related field. In addition, courses will be taught periodically which satisfy these requirements as a service to interested program participants. Credits earned below the 510 level are not a part of the 45 hours required for program completion. Participants may simultaneously complete their final foundation requirements and begin to take core courses as long as prerequisite requirements for core courses are met.

Additional Information

Students with weak writing or oral communication skills may be required to complete extra coursework in those areas. Up to nine (9) credit hours of the HSA requirements may be waived with the joint approval of the MBA Director and the MBA HSA Coordinator. The capstone course cannot be waived. Internships /Field Studies are required. Internship waivers may be considered for experienced health care managers whose experience is within three (3) years prior to matriculation. Experience must include personnel and budget activities. Coursework waivers may be considered. You must submit a statement, not to exceed 300 words, that outlines your activities pertinent to the course. The relevant work experience must be within the last seven (7) years and must be acknowledged in writing by someone familiar with your work.

Foundation Prerequisite Requirements MBA Programs  

Health Services Administration - MBA (45 cr)

C. Elective Requirements (3 cr)

D. Internship Requirement (3 cr)

E. Capstone Requirement (3 cr)

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