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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

International Education and Programs

Joshua S. McKeown, Director & Associate Provost
100 Sheldon Hall

In order to enhance students’ world awareness and promote an understanding of different cultures, the Office of International Education and Programs actively sponsors a wide range of overseas academic programs and select international programs and experiences able to be taken remotely from the United States. Oswego wishes to enable all students in good academic standing to participate in international education programs, either through education abroad in another country or remotely. Overseas programs provide students opportunities for intensive study at universities abroad, as well as under the leadership of SUNY Oswego faculty on short-term programs. SUNY Oswego recognizes its responsibility to provide programs on campus relating to key areas of the world not as readily accessible to traveling students. As globalization drives greater interest in the world beyond the United States, international dimensions of the curriculum are being developed including: research and internship programs abroad, academic major and minor programs, international programs and symposia on campus, and short-term faculty-led programs abroad embedded into on-campus courses; as well as encouraging global learning for all by providing opportunities to have an internship or other international program taken remotely.

Credit earned through study abroad programs is SUNY-approved and is applied toward degree requirements. In addition to programs administered by Oswego, students may enroll in programs administered by other SUNY campuses. For more information about individual programs, requirements, credits earned and costs, contact the Office of International Education and Programs, or visit its website.

Overseas Summer Programs

Sydney, Australia and London, England—Summer internships in London, England and Sydney, Australia are available through CAPA. Internships will fit in the student’s general area of interest and support services will be provided on a continual basis throughout the session. CAPA placements are available in a wide range of sites, including small businesses, corporations, art facilities, government agencies, brokerage houses, publishing companies, museums, radio stations, and many others. All students will also take a special internship course.

South Korea–Two summer program options in Korea include Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul and Kyungpook National University in Daegu. A diverse curriculum of academic options is available.

Florence, Italy—This six-week summer program through CAPA gives students insight into the significant ways in which Florence has been imagined, invented, and transformed by globalization. Earn six-nine credits per term.

Barcelona, Spain—Oswego offers two summer Barcelona options:

1) a four-week program is held at the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos of the University of Barcelona. Students will enroll for six credits during the summer program. Students will either take six credits of Spanish language, or three credits of language and three credits of Spanish culture. Language courses are offered from beginning to advanced levels.

2) Through the CAPA center located in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) for direct placement into a variety of courses and disciplines.

Madrid, Spain – SUNY Oswego offers an eight-week, six credit summer internship program that gives you the opportunity to get hands-on experience in your field of choice. Internships available in the arts, communication, political science, business, healthcare, and more.

Dublin, Ireland—SUNY Oswego’s summer program options in Dublin include

1) a business internship program under the auspices of the Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin (UCD). This is an eight-week, six credit program that places students in internships with area companies. In addition to the internship placement, students take an intensive course in Irish history and culture;

2) Two UCD-arranged specialized summer programs, one in the health sciences organized by the UCD College of Nursing, in which a two- week class is followed by four weeks of on-site research in health subjects; and a second focused on sports, health, exercise, and nutrition for student athletes (soccer, field hockey, and swimming).

France—SUNY Oswego offers two summer study abroad options in France:

1) Paris, la Sorbonne: this five-week program includes intensive French language instruction at all levels and a required course in contemporary French society. Housing, orientation, and activities that enhance
understanding of French culture are included. A distinct internship program in Paris is also offered. 

2) Nice, France: there are two tracks offered in Nice. All courses are taught in English, except French language. Each program lasts four to five weeks, provides accommodation (room and some meals) airport pick-up, and orientation. The summer programs offered in Nice through SUNY Oswego include: French language, literature, and civilization; and business and intercultural studies.

Akita, Japan—The summer intensive Japanese language program is offered at Akita International University in Akita, Japan. The program is designed to improve language skills from beginner to advanced levels. The six-week, six credit program also deepens students’ understanding of Japanese culture through such programs as Calligraphy workshops and visits to local sites.

Cuernavaca, Mexico—SUNY Oswego offers a summer program at the Cuernavaca campus of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) also known as (TEC). The Cuernavaca campus (CVA) specializes in Spanish Language and Culture as well as other course options. Students will take six credits and can study in both Spanish and English depending on proficiency.

Osnabrueck, Germany–Oswego’s German exchange partner university offers intensive tracks focused on current themes and relevant topics such as Global Health, Biodiversity, and Intercultural Competencies. Held on-campus at the University of Osnabrueck, these programs integrate Oswego students with German and other international students, and include an intensive German language component.

Hamburg, Germany–The program is specialized for business students and jointly taught by the Hamburg School of Business Administration and SUNY Oswego faculty. The focus is on business ethics and corporate social responsibility in a globalized world. The six credit program is split into online and in-person instruction on-site in Germany.

San Juan, Puerto Rico - The summer intensive Spanish language program is offered at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras’ Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Institute (INIM). This four-week, six credit program includes excursions and activities to enhance understanding of Puerto Rican culture.

Global Laboratory program provides students in the STEM fields with unique summer research project opportunities in countries such as Brazil, Congo, Costa Rica, India, Sweden, Taiwan and others. Students in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, psychology, and others have participated.

Semester and Academic Year Programs

Australia—Oswego offers programs at seven different universities throughout Australia, including ACU National University, Charles Sturt University, Edith Cowan University, James Cook University, LaTrobe University, Queensland University of Technology, and University of Tasmania. Students are directly enrolled and choose from full curricula at these universities. Oswego students are eligible to apply for a special exchange grant, which greatly reduces the total costs for awardees. Program locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef, and more. Students also have the opportunity of studying and doing an internship in Sydney, Australia through CAPA at its center located at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a world-renowned research university with cutting-edge facilities that provides a comprehensive curriculum with courses such as creative intelligence and innovation, engineering, information technology, science, social sciences, and more. Courses are in English.

Brazil—SUNY Oswego offers a semester program in São Paulo, Brazil at the PUC University. Students on the PUC program take one course in Brazilian culture, as well as a full curriculum of course offerings available at the university. Language ability is required: either some Portuguese ability, or advanced Spanish language proficiency.

China—Students have the opportunity to study abroad in one of many university partnerships throughout the People’s Republic of China. These universities and locations are: Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing, Capital Normal University in Beijing, and Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai. These university relationships provide Oswego students the opportunity to study Chinese language, culture, and history, as well as other disciplines. Courses can be taken in English or Chinese at various levels. Previous study of the Chinese language is recommended but not required. Program advising from the OIEP can help determine which program is best.

La Sorbonne—Paris, France—This program focuses on French language, culture and arts in courses taken at the Sorbonne, France’s oldest university. Participants take an intensive, ten-day language orientation upon their arrival, and are placed in the appropriate course based on an evaluation of their language skills. In addition to the language courses, students may also take courses in French history, art, music and politics. French language is offered at all levels. An English track is offered for students wanting courses in other disciplines, and an internship program option is available, as well as housing in residence halls, with host family, or independently. EICAR—Paris, France—The Ecole Internationale de Creation Audiovisuelle de Realisation (EICAR), also known as the International Film School of Paris, offers semester courses (in both English and French) in film directing, production and theory. Oswego students can study in Paris.

MICEFA—Paris, France—Oswego administers the SUNY exchange program with MICEFA in Paris, France. This program allows SUNY students to study at one of 15 different universities in Paris. Students from any discipline can be accommodated. This is a direct enrollment program so students’ French language ability must be strong.

Nice, France—This program, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is for students who want to take business courses in France and do not speak fluent French. Students choose from a variety of management, marketing, international relations, and economics courses. In addition, students are enrolled in a French language course at the level of their proficiency (from beginner to advanced).

Germany—SUNY Oswego offers two semester programs in Germany.

1) Osnabrueck: This is a program designed for students who speak some German but are not necessarily German majors. Because it is a direct enrollment program, students have access to all courses, programs, and activities offered at the University of Osnabrück, including language, cognitive science, humanities, and more.

2) Kempten University of Applied Sciences: This program allows for study of business and other disciplines in English, as well as courses in German language and culture.

Habana, Cuba—SUNY Oswego offers a U.S. Treasury Department licensed semester program at the Universidad de La Habana, the leading university in Cuba. This direct-enrollment program is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand and gain an in-depth comprehension of Cuban history, society, culture, and politics. Courses will be offered in the following fields of study: sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, and Spanish language and literature. Students must be at an advanced level of Spanish language.

Kolkata, India - St. Xavier’s is a graduate and undergraduate college located in Kolkata, India (formerly known as Calcutta in West Bengal). The St.Xavier’s College (SXC) exchange provides residence hall housing and is open to all SUNY students.

Czech Republic—This program held at Masaryk University in Brno offers students two choices of study. One is the TESOL Teacher Education program, which is designed to give future English teachers the skills necessary to work effectively in this global environment. The second is the Central European Studies Program, which is designed for students who want to learn about the history, culture, politics, and economics of the Central European region. Students live in university dormitories with Czech students. Courses are in English. Communications Internship at Masaryk University also offered with Czechmates.

Korea - SUNY Oswego’s partner universities in South Korea include: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in Seoul, and Kyungpook National University (KNU) in Daegu. Students can study in English a variety of courses designed for international students in disciplines such as business, economics, history, and social sciences. Students also take Korean language and culture courses.

Hungary—Oswego has two overseas academic programs in Hungary. One is at Corvinus University, located in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, and the other is at the University of Pécs in Pécs, which is located in the southern part of Hungary. English is the language of instruction for these programs.

Dublin, Ireland—Students can choose to study at two different programs located in Dublin:

1) the University College Dublin at either the Faculty of Arts or the Quinn School of Business, Ireland’s premier school of business. Students generally carry twelve credit hours per semester from a wide spectrum of courses at either faculty;

2) and at the CAPA center located at Maynooth University, part of the National University of Ireland.

Japan—Oswego offers three study locations in Japan:

1) Akita International University located in Akita, Japan: Students study for the semester or academic year, in English as well as in Japanese. Courses are offered in business, Japanese language and culture, communications, global studies, and more. No prior Japanese language ability is required.

2) In Kofu, Japan Oswego is partnered with iCLA at Yamanashi Gakuin University, a four-year liberal arts college where the primary language of instruction is English. Just 90 minutes west of Tokyo, iCLA combines a multicultural learning environment with a beautifully traditional Japanese setting in the shadow of Mt. Fuji. The iCLA program recognizes the importance of a diverse international student body and liberal arts study.

3) The University of Tsukuba offers a special core of courses designed for international students to become more acquainted with Japanese language and culture. Scholarships from the Japanese government are available for this program. At least one year of Japanese language study is required. This is a full academic year program.

Mexico—SUNY Oswego is partnered with the Cuernavaca campus of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) also known as (TEC). The Cuernavaca campus (CVA) specializes in Spanish Language and Culture courses, College of Business and Social Sciences, and College of Engineering and Science. Its small class sizes facilitate faculty-student interaction, thus providing a personalized learning atmosphere. Students can study in both Spanish and English depending on proficiency.

Puerto Rico—Oswego offers semester or academic year programs at the University of Puerto Rico campus at Rio Piedras. Courses are conducted in Spanish and English, covering a wide range of subjects.

Singapore–Oswego offers a semester of study in the city-state of Singapore through the James Cook University Singapore campus. Students study in English in a variety of disciplines, including business, psychology, and technology, with special focus on Asia.

Spain—Students can choose to study in either Barcelona or Madrid. All program options provide program-arranged housing, orientations, student services and resident staff support.

1) In Barcelona, students have two programs to choose from:

a) at the University of Barcelona students concentrate on Spanish language and culture through the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos, a special program developed at the University of Barcelona for international students. Students study at beginner to advanced Spanish on this program. Participants can live with Spanish families, which helps them gain a greater understanding of the host culture and society. Students may also live in a residence hall or independently, or

b) the CAPA Barcelona center is located at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), an internationally focused research university with English-language offerings in a variety of departments and disciplines, such as business, humanities, and STEM. Choose courses across disciplines and engage in other academic opportunities, including independent research and language courses. UPF is located in the heart of Barcelona.

2) Oswego’s program in Madrid, Spain is direct placement in two Madrid universities where students can choose from an English-language curriculum in a variety of disciplines, with program-arranged housing.

Turkey - Oswego has two partner universities in Turkey, both in Istanbul. Istanbul Bilgi University is located in the heart of Istanbul and offers a full curriculum in English, as well as Turkish language. Sabanci University, located outside of Istanbul, is a large and prestigious university. Students pursuing studies in political science are permitted to apply to this program.

United Kingdom (England) — Oswego has two semester and academic year programs in England:

1) London, England: hosted by CAPA, the program is comprised of Oswego courses taught by British faculty, the program also has optional internships, which place students at various sites in London according to their skills and interests. CAPA also partners with Queen Mary University of London for direct placement in a broad range of academic options for virtually any major. Courses are in English.

2) Edge Hill University in Ormskirk in northern England offers students access to the university’s full curriculum.

New Zealand—Students can choose from a wide range of courses at any of Oswego’s three programs in New Zealand. Auckland University of Technology, offers courses in the schools of art, business, health studies, and sciences and engineering; the University of Waikato, offers courses in communications and mathematical sciences, education, humanities, law, management studies, science and technology, and social sciences; the University of Otago offers students courses in accounting, anthropology, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, English, human nutrition, information science, marketing, management, mathematics, psychology, gender and gender and women’s studies and zoology.

Student Teaching

Oswego students majoring in education have the opportunity to do part of their student teaching requirement overseas. Student teaching is available in Australia, London, and New Zealand.

Faculty-led and Specialized Summer International Courses

The Office of International Education and Programs sponsors numerous quarter and semester courses that include faculty-led travel and study tours to overseas locations, such as Benin, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, India, and Turkey, and cities including Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Havana, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and many others. These courses are offered in a variety of disciplines including anthropology, art, business, biology, broadcasting, education, geology, global international studies, marketing and more. In addition, through our CAPA partner Oswego faculty-led and stand-alone specialized summer courses are offered in Barcelona, London, Florence, and elsewhere in topics such as: communications, sociology, health promotion; wellness, human development, criminal justice, and creative writing.

International Internships - overseas and remote

The Office of International Education and Programs offers upper division undergraduates supervised placements in businesses, government agencies, and other work settings in overseas locations and select remote locations as virtual internships for 3 to 6 hours of credit. The goal of these internships is to give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with and gain work experience in an experiential setting in another country. Internships will fit the student’s general area of interest and support services will be provided on a continual basis throughout the session. Experienced resident internship directors will place students in an appropriate workplace, supervise them, and in conjunction with the workplace supervisor, evaluate their performance. Oswego students must meet all internship eligibility requirements, grading, learning agreement procedures, and limitations on internship hours taken per semester, credited toward the major, degree, or graduation found in the undergraduate catalog under “Internship”. Non-Oswego students must meet eligibility requirements and internshipprocedures at their home institutions.