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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Integrated Media and Social Networks, Post-Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate

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Graduate Certificate: Integrated Media and Social Networks (15 cr)

The Integrated Media graduate program—a collaboration between the departments of Art, Communication Studies, and Computer Science at SUNY Oswego—focuses on the impact that digital communication and information technologies are having on the interaction between individuals, groups and among various publics. The program relies on an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with theoretical and practical opportunities to explore diverse problems inherent in effectively communicating ideas across different platforms. Communication technologies play an increasingly important role in providing opportunities for organizational, cultural, social and political expression, and this programgives practitioners the necessary skills to study the characteristics and effects of integrated media while developing new approaches to managing information in a project-based setting.

The Integrated Media program serves recent college graduates who come from a variety of disciplines. The program is also designed to offer retraining opportunities for current professionals in the fields of media, design, graphic arts or other arts-related professions (previous experience in a field related to media, art, or computer science is preferred, but not required). Students examine the relationship between integrated media technologies and message design, and acquire the foundations that will allow them to apply these technologies in a critical and creative way.Working in teams, students conduct research on the integration of media and social networking practices, design communication projects that integrate traditional and digital formats, and develop problem solving skills related to managing media projects. The program also provides an opportunity for students to explore the possibility of pursuing an advanced degree.


Admission to the program will be contingent upon the student having successfully completed a baccalaureate degree in one of the following areas: Art, design, communications,media,marketing, education, computer science,music, theatre, technology or instructional design.Other potential applicants may possess different degrees but will have suitable life experiences making them likely candidates to benefit from the certificate.

Faculty charged with advisement will evaluate potential candidates who apply to the certificate on a rolling basis.A brief questionnaire and written statement of purpose will be required of students enrolling in the certificate, although students who wish to take the introductory course (CMA ) may do so without applying to the certificate program. Students accepted into the program will be required to supply an official transcript providing verification of the baccalaureate degree. The faculty may impose a minimum GPA requirement for acceptance into the program.

B. Elective Requirements (9 cr)

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