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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

MAT, Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist and Adolescence Education Chemistry 7-12 Program (37 cr)

Program Description

The pilot Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree program(approved and funded through September 2014) integrates coursework (37 cr) with intensive school residency experiences in order to prepare teachers to work in high need schools in the areas of secondary Special Education and the sciences, mathematics or TESOL. The program will admit qualified candidates to begin in the summer semester of each academic year.
This program is intended for graduates who hold degrees in mathematics, the sciences, or linguistics who seek to teach in high need secondary schools. Certification in both Students with Disabilities, Generalist (7-12) and either TESOL (all grades) or Adolescence Education with a concentration in either mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics, may be obtained at the completion of the sequence in conjunction with a Master’s degree provided that applicants meet all the other New York State certification requirements.
This is an intensive 13-month cohort model. Courses and residencies are strictly and sequentially structured.

Application Requirements

Candidates seeking admission in the O-RITE MAT program must hold an undergraduate degree or comparable in mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, or linguistics from an accredited institution. All completed application materials must be received before April 15th. It is recommended that applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.00 to be considered. Applicants should submit the following:

  1. Complete the Application of Admissions to Master’s Degree;
  2. MAT O-RITE Part II Application for admission;
  3. Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate work;
  4. Two professional letters of recommendation;
  5. Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST) results and Content Specialty Test (CST) results (Note: TESOL applicants do not need to complete the CST until later in the program)
  6. GRE Aptitude scores (required for persons with GPAs below 3.00)


Candidates will complete a 37 hour program which includes two field experiences in community based organizations and two extended, intensive residencies in secondary classrooms. Candidates will be in secondary classrooms all day every day during the academic year and coursework will be completed in the evenings, during which candidates will participate in synchronous on-line classes. Candidates must complete

SSHS 1020 – Safe Schools, Healthy Schools 

, a non-credit workshop relating information about drug/alcohol and tobacco abuse, mandated reporting of child abuse, school violence prevention (Project SAVE), and school safety programs as a prerequisite for participating in any school residency experience. Contact Extended Learning at