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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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History (30 cr)

A. His 500–Historiography: The Historian as Professional (3 cr)

B. Two fields of specialization (one major and one minor) chosen from the following fields: (21 cr)

  • European History,
  • American History,
  • Global History,
  • Women’s History

1. Major field

  • Four courses including at least one graduate seminar

2. Minor field

  • Three courses including at least one graduate seminar

C. One culminating professional track chosen from the following: (6 cr)

1. Research/Thesis option

This track, designed for those intending to pursue further graduate study beyond the MA, entails the completion of a major research project and the writing of an MA thesis. For some projects, proficiency in another language may be required.

2. Directed Study

This track entails a supervised program of extensive readings on topics chosen by the student whose needs would best be served by broad knowledge of existing literature rather than by research in primary sources.

3. Teaching: Internship or Teaching Assistantship

This track entails training and experience in teaching at the college level. It is designed for the student who, with the MA as a terminal degree, seeks to teach in a community college or secondary school.

4. Applied History

This track entails supervised research and other projects (including internships) in public or applied history for the student seeking employment in museums, archives, historical societies, government agencies, or corporations.

  • HIS 597

Additional Requirements

  1. Graduate credits: all of the credits for the MA degree must be taken in graduate courses.
  2. Residency requirements: none
  3. Transfer credits: a maximum of six hours of (approved) graduate credit from another institution.
  4. Cognates: a maximum of six hours of course work from other disciplines (including education courses) may be applied to a major and/or a minor field (with approval of Graduate Committee).
  5. Previous Graduate Credit: student may transfer a maximum of 9 graduate credits (with approval) from graduate courses taken prior to admission to the MA degree program.
  6. Grades: a grade of at least B- must be earned in any course to be counted toward the MA degree. Students must achieve a B (3.0) overall average to graduate.
  7. Faculty: every student in the program must take courses from at least three different faculty members.
  8. To complete the program, every student must take a minimum of 18 hours graduate student only courses.

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