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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

English and Creative Writing

302 Marano Campus Center
Directory of Professors  

The English and Creative Writing Department offers both major and minor programs, as well as certification and concentration programs for students who choose to become elementary or secondary school teachers. All of the programs offer intensive training in the interpretive skills necessary for careers in business, industry, and public service as well as public school and college teaching. The English and Creative Writing Department has created a curriculum that balances traditional studies in British and American literature with new intellectual developments in literary and cultural studies. Juniors and seniors often have the opportunity to enroll in courses that are cross-listed with the Master of Arts in English program.

English Major

Courses stress the importance of critical reading, writing, and research to provide students with a background suitable for many kinds of careers. These courses are designed: (1) to immerse students in reading and writing; (2) to encourage students to study literary history with accuracy and imagination, helping them to understand how literary canons are established, what they may include and omit, and how they may change; (3) to integrate materials about cultural diversity into the curriculum; (4) to provide students with opportunities for interdisciplinary study; (5) to introduce theoretical questions at an early point in the course of study while integrating these questions throughout the curriculum; (6) to prepare students with conceptual and interpretive skills so they can respond to the demands of a rapidly changing world; and (7) to create the opportunity for students to connect their personal and political experiences with the questions, ideas, and conflicts within literary and interpretive studies. This program is based upon the idea that interpretations have a structure and interpretive competence requires that students learn how to use that structure to understand and test their ideas and the established interpretations of literary works.

Creative Writing Major

The program is one of the largest and best staffed undergraduate writing programs in the country including studies in the genres of poetry, fiction, playwriting, creative nonfiction, journalism, and screenwriting. Based upon the workshop model, each genre is offered in three increasing levels of accomplishment: introductory, intermediate, and advanced. In addition, the advanced level of study can be focused on a particular subgenre. For instance, the advanced fiction course may focus on horror fiction or science fiction, thus enabling students to further tailor their individual studies.  Along with the varied genres and levels of study, the program’s professors are all active creative writers in their respective fields. The study of literature is also an important component of the Creative Writing major as 15 to 18 hours of literature courses are required.

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