Nov 29, 2023  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Lawrence Fuller, Chair
219 Snygg Hall

Fehmi Damkaci, Program Advisor
224A Snygg Hall


General Information

The program is based on the conviction that the needs of students are best met in a program where much individual attention is possible. The course training is equivalent to the standards set for the PhD, regardless of whether the MS is to be terminal or preparatory to the PhD. The Chemistry Department at Oswego was the first State University College in New York to be accredited by the American Chemical Society.


The applicant should have the equivalent of an undergraduate major in Chemistry and baccalaureate from an accredited school. International students must submit TOEFL scores.

The applicant’s admittance for graduate work on the basis of the applicant’s transcript and two recent letters of recommendation is determined by the graduate committee of the Chemistry Department, and approval of the Graduate Office.


    Master of Science (MS)