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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

CPS 512 - Practicum in Mental Health Counseling

Catalog Year 2009-2010

This is an advanced course in counseling theory and PRACTICE. Student placement is as a participant-observer in a cooperating agency or counseling setting engaged in mental health or human welfare services or in an institutional setting providing preprofessional experiences of relevance to the counselor-candidate. (AUTHENTIC LEARNING, PRACTICE, COLLABORATION, LEADERSHIP). Experiences include a pre-placement orientation, weekly on-site supervisory visits, and weekly follow-through conferences on campus (AUTHENTIC LEARNING). The focus is on increasing the individual’s effectiveness and KNOWLEDGE of theory through intensive study of practical applications and theoretical bases.

PREREQ: Completion of at least nine credit hours of sequential course work including Cps 510, and instructor permission.
OFFERED: Irregular