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2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ANT 395 - Anthropologists in the Global Village

2009-2010 Catalog Year

This course employs a multidisciplinary view of the political, economic, and cultural causes behind the global conflicts that capture today’s head-lines. Anthropological expertise (a cross-cultural view based on solid field studies) is combined with that of history, political science, and economics to illuminate key issues of international importance. Because it is an issues-based course, students are expected to be able to critically assess issues and to reach warranted conclusions. While the specific issues to be addressed each semester will change according to global events, a representative sample would include the culture of capitalism, population control, poverty and hunger, environment and consumption, ethnicity, resistance and rebellion, terrorism, and religious fundamentalism.

PREREQ: nine social and behavioral science hours including ANT 111 or 112.
OFFERED: Irregular