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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Parking; ID’s; Disability Services

  • Campus Parking
  • College Identificaiton Cards
  • Disability Services Office

Campus Parking • 315-312-3227



Most parking services are now available on line at the above web site including purchasing a permit, paying fines, setting up appeals, and parking shuttle information. All permits are available for the academic year beginning the preceding July 1. Permits can be mailed to your permanent address or your campus address. All fines and fees must be paid in full or a hold is placed on your account. Holds on a student’s account will be automatically removed the next business day upon payment in full on that account. Students may call the parking office to request the hold be removed the same day.

All vehicles parked on the SUNY Oswego campus must have a parking permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you are attending night or weekend classes or part-time. The SUNY Oswego Parking Services is responsible for the administration and registration of the college parking regulations. All students who wish to park automobiles that are owned by them or a family member are granted permission to use campus parking areas provided their automobiles are properly registered during the fall, spring and summer registration periods and the vehicle registration and parking fee has been paid.  Students are responsible for all fees and fines associated with their account regardless of who was driving the vehicle at the time of the issuance of any citation. Upon payment of the fees for registration and parking, a parking sticker is issued authorizing parking in designated campus lots. A student failing to comply with parking regulations may be ticketed or denied the privilege of using College parking facilities. Unpaid obligations will result in the student not being able to register for classes or receive transcripts or a diploma. Vehicles on the tow list will be towed on sight.
All parking obligations are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and must be paid in full. Appeals can be requested via the web site or in person at the Parking Office. Appeals for parking citations must be requested within two business days of issuance of the citation. At the end of each semester unpaid parking citations will be transferred to the Student Accounts Office.

College Identification Cards • 503 Culkin Hall • 315-312-2588



Oswego State requires all students to procure and carry a valid Oswego State identification card which can be obtained in the I.D. Dining Office, room 503 Culkin Hall. The Oswego State identification card is used to access campus services and events, Penfield Library materials, campus dining operations and, including but not limited to, access to residence halls.

The identification card must be presented upon request by an Oswego State official including residence hall staff, University Police, Student Affairs staff, and students authorized by Oswego State to supervise campus events, activities, and residence halls.

Replacement identification cards can be obtained in the I.D. Dining Office, in accordance with the posted fee schedule.

Disability Services Office • 155 Marano Campus Center • 315-312-3358



The Disability Support Services Office of SUNY Oswego coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Accommodations are tailored to individual student needs, but can include extended time on exams, alternate testing arrangements, readers, note takers, and interpreters.
The operational philosophy of the office is based firmly on the belief that the individuals served are students first and that their disabilities are secondary. The office can assist in the coordination of benefits with outside agencies such as ACCESS-VR or Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped, in addition to advocating for students to ensure they have the physical and programmatic access to all college programs that will affect their mainstreaming into the campus community. All students with disabilities in need of assistance should identify themselves early; pre-semester is preferred and should make regular contact with the office. This contact is voluntary and can be made throughout the semester. Please contact the Disability Support Services Office with any questions.