Jul 16, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

A Message from the President


Welcome to SUNY Oswego. Our college is a place of thriving intellectual life and exciting academic pursuits that enrich those who join us in this community - a primarily residential learning environment filled with new challenges, friendships, and opportunities. We are a college that cares. At Oswego, our faculty and staff form deep connections with students who are on their quest for knowledge. We are a beacon in the lives of our students, preparing them for their path forward and encouraging them to realize their goals as graduates of SUNY Oswego.  

Our college is strong. Together we build institutional strength through our commitment to access and growing diversity, our intellectual curiosity and technological adaptability, our stewardship of vital financial resources and scholarships that enable talented students to thrive at Oswego, and our well-conceived and modern academic facilities and residential community along the inspiring shore of Lake Ontario.

The spirit of our students, the talents and dedication of our faculty, the care and concern provided by the administrative, professional, and auxiliary supporting staff cannot be captured in this online catalog—and yet each is essential to the ethos of SUNY Oswego. We believe it is this welcoming, supportive culture – a true sense of belonging – that students, faculty, staff and alumni refer to when asked why they chose SUNY Oswego and how they have remained connected.

We believe you will find that SUNY Oswego is a place of excellence with much to offer through its programs and its people. Our students, faculty and staff have made a substantial impact on local, state  and international communities through research, community service and business development, and we are succeeding every day in our mission to prepare our graduates to live ethical and meaningful lives and build a better world for future generations.


—Deborah F. Stanley, President