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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Graduate Admission as a Degree Student

Admission to a graduate program or certificate at SUNY Oswego is limited to those students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. In addition, the application and creditentials must receive a favorable recommendation for admission from the appropriate departmental admissions committee and have approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Applicants will receive notification of their application from the Graduate Office.

SUNY Oswego uses an online application system that allows you to save an application in progress. Your application will be reviewed when all components have been completed and submitted. Admission requirements are outlined below:

  1. The graduate application requires all candidates to provide contact information, educational history, and professional history.
  2. All programs also require a purpose statement, a professional resume, two letters of recommendation, a paid application fee, and official transcripts
  3. Additional program-specific requirements may include test scores from GMAT or GRE, a written program document, an art portifolio, proof of educational certification, an interview with program faculty, and/or an advisement meeting.
  4. International students must submit results from an English Proficiency Test. A minimum TOEFL score of 79 is required; however, some programs require higher scores. (Check the Table of Requirements link below.)


Graduate Admission as a Non-Degree Student

Graduate students who wish to take graduate or undergraduate courses without entering a degree program may be admitted as non-degree students. Students must complete the online Non-Degree Application. Students must also submit an unofficial transcript when applying that shows evidence of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. A copy can be mailed to: Office of Graduate Studies; 606 Culkin Hall, SUNY Oswego; Oswego, NY 13126 or an electronic copy may be sent to: gradtranscripts@oswego.edu.

  • All course prerequisite requirements must be met before the student is permitted to register for graduate coursework.
  • No more than nine credit hours of graduate-level coursework from SUNY Oswego completed prior to admission to a degree program will be allowed.
  • No more than six credit hours of graduate coursework from other institutions may be transferred into a degree program at SUNY Oswego.
  • It is recommended that students who are considering entering a SUNY Oswego graduate degree program and choose to take non-degree courses seek advice from the department where the degree is offered.


Admissions Decisions

Once a student submits their application and pays the application fee, the Division of Graduate Studies will send the application to review by the academic department once all corresponding materials are received (such as test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation). Departmental review committees evaluate the student’s potential for success, previous experiences, and fit with the program of interest, and the Division of Graduate Studies makes a final decision about admission to the program. Students will be notified of their application status electronically using the email provided in the application. Every applicant can expect to receive notification of one of the following decisions regarding their graduate application: 

Deny: This decision means that the applicant has not been selected for admission to the program. Typically, this is because the applicant has not met the minimum standards for admission, has limited insight into the program and future opportunities with the graduate degree, or has future goals that are not aligned with the program’s philosophy. Applicants who are denied admission may wish to appeal this decision (Please see Admissions Appeal Process).

Deferred Decision: This decision means that the departmental review committee requires additional information to support the individual’s application. Applicants will be notified of the data requested that would further support the review committee’s evaluation of the application and the application reviewed in full once the supporting documentation has been received. 

Conditional Admission: This acceptance means that the students is allowed to matriculate into the program and begin coursework. Should the student meet the conditions specific in the offer of admission, the student will be permitted to continue in the program. If the student does not meet the conditions listed in the offer of admission, the student will not be permitted to continue in the program. 

Full Admission: This acceptance means that the student is allowed to matriculate into the program and begin coursework. 


Accepting an Offer of Admission

Upon notification of an offer of admission to the program, students must formally accept their offer of admission to SUNY Oswego to confirm their intention to matriculate; failure to do so will prevent the student from enrolling in courses. 


Deferring Enrollment in a Graduate Program

Students who have been offered admission to a SUNY Oswego graduate program have the opportunity to defer their enrollment by up to 1 calendar year from the anticipated enrollment date. To do so, please contact the Division of Graduate Studies.  


Withdrawing an Application

Students who no longer wish to be considered for admission to a graduate program at SUNY Oswego may withdraw their application from consideration at any point by emailing gradstudies@oswego.edu. This option should only be used by students who are no longer interested in attending SUNY Oswego.


Second Graduate Degrees: Awarding of multiple degrees at the graduate level

An individual may pursue a second graduate degree to fulfill a different academic objective. Students but may not concurrently pursue two graduate degrees at Oswego, however, they may pursue graduate certificates and graduate degrees simultaneously. 

Students admitted to pursue a second graduate degree must officially be accepted into the graduate degree program, per the graduate admissions procedures.

An individual who seeks admission/readmission to earn a second graduate degree must:

  1. meet with the graduate coordinator to determine a program of study;
  2. the program of study must be approved by the graduate dean’s office before being admitted/readmitted;
  3. complete and pass a minimum of at least an equivalent of two semesters of full time graduate coursework (9 credits each)or 18 graduate credit hours at SUNY Oswego.
  4. complete all requirements in the degree program with the combination of the courses taken before admission/readmission and those taken after to earn the second graduate degree.