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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Juan La Manna, Interim Chair
117 Tyler Hall

Distinguished Teaching Professor: Marilynn J. Smiley

Professors: Daniel Barach, Julie Pretzat

Associate Professors: Todd Graber, Juan F. La Manna, Jonathan Shallit

Assistant Professors: Robert Auler, Trevor Jorgensen, Eric B. Schmitz

The Music Department is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Its offerings are designed to provide a wide range of experiences in music history and literature, music theory, and performance. All music classes and lessons are open to qualified students, regardless of major.

The two music programs are the music major, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree and the music minor within the Bachelor of Arts curriculum. The required courses for each program are important for building basic musicianship. Elective courses are chosen under Music Department advisement according to the student’s interests, needs and career goals. Career options are available by combining music with another major or a minor in a related field. These combinations have prepared students for careers and further study in creative arts therapy, music theatre and the music industry. The Music Department also participates in several interdisciplinary majors and minors, such as American Studies, African-American Studies,Women’s Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Arts Management. There are many opportunities for musical performance in concerts by the numerous departmental vocal and instrumental organizations and in student recitals.

Tyler Hall features large rehearsal rooms, many practice rooms equipped with pianos, a music listening room, a Pro Tools HD based recording studio, an electronic class piano laboratory, a MIDI lab, and a wide selection of musical instruments and equipment.

The Music Department cosponors these interdisciplinary programs.