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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog
State University of New York at Oswego
  Dec 18, 2017
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Vocational Teacher Preparation Program (all majors)–B.S.

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Vocational Teacher Preparation Program (all majors) (127 cr)

A. Arts and Sciences Requirement - General Education (30-49 cr)

Students must satisfy the requiements under BS degree heading in Table II: Summary of Graduation Requirements .

One of the following or equivalency: (0-3 cr)

C. Arts and Sciences Requirement—Elective Requirements (6-12 cr)

  • Emphasis is on courses that enhance the general education development and interests of the individual.

D. Content Area Specialization (36 cr)

Coursework appropriate to the certification area (usually associate degree transfer credit)

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