Nov 14, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Correspondence Directory

Title Name Room Number
Bldg. Name

(Area Code 315)

President Deborah F. Stanley 706 Culkin Hall 312-2211
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Scott Furlong 702 Culkin Hall 312-2290
Vice President for Administration & Finance Nicholas A. Lyons 705 Culkin Hall 312-2222
Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations Mary Canale 217 Sheldon Hall 312-5558
Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Jerald Woolfolk 711 Culkin Hall 312-3214
Executive Assistant to the President & Interim Affirmative Action Officer Howard Gordon 708 Culkin Hall 312-2213
Deputy to the Pres. for External Partnerships & Economic Dev. Pamela Caraccioli 710 Culkin Hall 312-2033
Chief of Staff Kristi Eck 709 Culkin Hall 312-3365
Associate Provost for Undergraduate & Special Programs Rameen Mohammadi 703 Culkin Hall 312-2232
Associate Provost of Multicultural Opportunities and Programs Vacant 171 Marano Campus Center 312-4903
Assistant Vice President for Finance & Budget Victoria Furlong 401 Culkin Hall 312-3642
Associate Vice President for Facilities Services Mitch Fields 303C Park Hal ll 312-2861
Associate Vice President Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jerri Howland 501 Culkin Hall 312-5483
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Amy Plotner 201 Culkin Hall 312-2215
Residence Life and Housing, Assistant Vice President Richard Kolenda 303 Culkin Hall 312-2246
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Dean Adrienne McCormick 601 Culkin Hall 312-2285
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Associate Dean Paul Tomascak 601 Culkin Hall 312-2285
School of Business, Dean Richard Skolnik 333 Rich Hall 312-3168
School of Business, Associate Dean Raihan Khan 333 Rich Hall 312-3168
School of Business, Assistant Dean Glynn English 333 Rich Hall 312-2148
School of Communications, Media and the Arts, Dean Julie Pretzat 601 Culkin Hall 312-6612
School of Communications, Media and the Arts, Associate Dean Jennifer Knapp 601 Culkin Hall 312-6612
School of Education, Dean Pamela Michel 302C Park Hall 312-2102
School of Education, Associate Dean Kristen Munger 302B Park Hall 312-2103
School of Education, Associate Dean for Assessment & Accreditation Jogy Das 302B Park Hall 312-2103
Extended Learning, Dean Jill Pippin 151 Marano Campus Center 312-2270
Graduate Studies Office, Dean Kristen Eichhorn 606 Culkin Hall 312-3692
Campus Technology Services, CTO Sean Moriarty 509 Culkin Hall 312-5500
Career Services, Director Gary Morris 145 Marano Campus Center 312-2255
Office of Communications and Marketing, Director Wayne Westervelt 210B Culkin Hall 312-2265
Counseling Services Center, Director Katherine Wolfe-Lyga Walker Health Center 312-4416
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Stewardship Betsy Oberst King Alumni Hall 312-2258
Disability Services, Coordinator Starr Wheeler 186 Marano Campus Center 312-3358
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Joey Tse 171 Marano Campus Center 312-3094
Experiential Learning, Interim Director Michelle Bandla 142 Marano Campus Center 312-2151
Financial Aid, Director Mark Humbert 206 Culkin Hall 312-2248
Health Services, Director Angela Brown Walker Health Center 312-4100
Honors Program Gwen Kay 221 Campus Center 312-2190
Institutional Research, Director Mehran Nojan 603 Culkin Hall 312-2345
Intercollegiate Athletics, Director Susan Viscomi 202 Laker Hall 312-4145
International Education, Director Joshua McKeown 100 Sheldon Hall 312-2118
Library Director Sarah Weisman 117 Penfield Library 312-4267
Office of Learning Services (OLS) Vacant 171  Marano Campus Center 312-2571
Publications Rose Throop 202B Service Building 312-3130
Registrar Jerret LeMay 301 Culkin Hall 312-2136
Research Development & Administration, Associate Provost William Bowers 222 Hewitt Union 312-5631
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (R.S.V.P.) Meave Gillen 62C Mackin Hall 312-2317
Student Accounts, Director Margaret Lloyd 408 Culkin Hall 312-2225
Title IX Coordinator Lisa Evaneski 405 Culkin Hall 312-5604
University Police Chief John Rossi Pathfinder Hall 312-5555
Veteran’s Services Coordinator Benjamin Parker 151 Marano Campus Center 312-2270