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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Communication Studies Professors


Kristen Eichhorn, BA, Canisius College; MA, West Virginia Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Miami. Appointed 2007
John Kares Smith, BS, MA, PhD, Northwestern Univ. Appointed 1974. Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching 1993
Mary Toale, Chair & Graduate Coordinator, BA, West Virginia Wesleyan College; MA, EdD, West Virginia Univ. Appointed 2014


Arvind Diddi, JLM Unit Coordinator, BSc, Osmania Univ.; MA, PhD, Michigan State Univ. Appointed 2006
Eileen Gilligan, BA, Brown Univ.; MA, Univ. of Delaware; PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. Appointed 2005
Taejin Jung, PR Unit Coordinator, BA, Kyungpook National Univ.; MA, Sogang Univ.; PhD, Florida State Univ. Appointed 2006
Jennifer Knapp, BA, Canisius College; MA, West Virginia Univ.; EdD, West Virginia Univ. Appointed 2008
Ulises Mejias, BFA, MS, Ithaca College; EdD, Teachers College, Columbia Univ. Appointed 2007


Michael Ameigh, BA, SUNY Fredonia; MA, PhD, Michigan State Univ. Appointed 1990
Jeff Bradbury, Internship Coordinator, BS, Ithaca College; MS, Syracuse Univ. Appointed 2012
Linda Daley, BA, St Michael’s College; MA, Univ. of New Mexico, PhD; Syracuse Univ. Appointed 2014
Jennifer Fogel, BRC Unit Coordinator, BA, Univ. Of Michigan; MA, Syracuse Univ., PhD; Univ. of Michigan. Appointed 2013
Christine Hirsch, BA, Oakland Univ.; MA, Western Michigan Univ.; PhD, Univ. of Colorado. Appointed 2003
Brian Moritz, BA, St Bonaventure Univ.; MA, Syracuse Univ. Appointed 2014
Jenny Rosenberg, CSI Unit Coordinator, BA, Univ. of Iowa; MA, PhD, Kent State Univ. Appointed 2015
Jason Zenor, BA, Utica College; MA, Syracuse Univ.; MPA, JD, Univ. of South Dakota. Appointed 2011


Tiffany Bell, BA, Indiana Univ.; MA, PhD., Howard Univ.
Sarah Bozek, BA, Le Moyne College; MS, Syracuse Univ.
Jordan Kligerman, BA, Univ. of Delaware; MFA, City Univ. of New York City College.
Marybeth Longo, AAS, Onondaga Community College; BA, SUNY Oswego.

David Moody, BFA, Univ. of Cincinnati; MA, Ohio Univ.; PhD, Bowling Green State Univ.
Jessica Reeher, Advisement Coordinator, BS, MS, Syracuse Univ.
Michael Riecke, Media Summit Coordinator, BS, Syracuse Univ.; MS, Le Moyne College.
Stephanie Wideman, BA, MA, Univ. of West Florida.